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Our clean, chic studio has everything you need for a solid sweat session. You can browse our in-studio boutique, ‘Coveted Closet Boutique’, before or after classes to find unique clothing, jewelry and accessories.

Our Team

Katy Simon

People keep asking if I teach pilates when they hear I am opening a studio. No, I do not. I see the confusion and I tell them, I simply love pilates and wanted a studio that didn't exist around here. I fell in love with pilates 14 years ago. I loved what it did for my body and my mind. Over the years, due to knee injuries, I had to stop running. I knew I needed other types of fitness in my life. I struggled to find what I was looking for without having to go to several different places and have several different memberships.

As I began to travel and see other studios in different cities, I began to long for a place at home that outwardly conveyed what I felt Pilates did for me on the inside, while offering several different fitness options under one roof. Oh and were fun and challenging! This is where PBB was born. I feel what we have put together at PBB is the studio I have been searching for. I hope you love it as much as I do. - Katy, Owner PBB

Regina Dolwick

Regina started practicing Pilates in 2007, after a serious car accident. The Pilates method rehabilitated her more than physical therapy ever could, which is what inspired her to get certified to teach in 2008. She began her teaching career in 2008 at several studios, exposing her to different types of students and needs. She has certifications in Reformer and Mat from Pendleton Pilates, Balanced Body and Lolita San Miguel (one of Joseph Pilates apprentices). Regina is very passionate about the Pilates Method, its benefits and ability to change bodies. Her classes are dynamic and energetic, focusing on strengthening and flexibility. She is challenging but able to provide modifications to every student’s skill level.

Allie Blau

With a degree in Dance and multiple certifications, Allie found a love and passion in fitness and an active lifestyle. She takes pride in being able to share this love, and teach others. She started dancing at the age of 3 and continued through college. She worked towards her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree specialized in Dance, and graduated from Northern Kentucky University in 2013. As she grew up dancing, training in many different styles (ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, lyrical and acrobatics), she found herself always on the move. Her dance background and love for movement lead her to becoming a Barre and PiYo Instructor.

She began teaching barre classes in 2013 and became PiYo certified in 2016. She loves how both classes have challenged her physically and mentally, and helped her keep an active lifestyle. She loves to challenge herself, and she is constantly looking for ways to evolve and push not only herself but her clients too!

Becky Sweeten

Becky started in the fitness industry in 2005 when she discovered Spinning for post baby weight loss and her love for exercise just continued to evolve. From Spinning she went on to become certified in group exercise, then became a certified personal trainer and loved the nutrition side of things so much, she became an ACE Certified Health Coach. All of these things were great until she had a major setback in 2013 with a back injury.

The injury changed her life. She found Pilates Reformer and feels confident that the core strength Pilates created has kept her off of the operating table for now. She started as a student and then began teaching Pilates Reformer in 2015. So far, she has completed Reformer 1, 2 and 3 and is excited to see where this takes her. When not at work or teaching she loves spending time with her kids, Ben and Lilly and her husband Jon. They are so supportive and allow Becky to do what she loves!

Aaron Geiser

Aaron comes to Pilates Body Barre with a Bachelors of Science in Athletic Training, he is a Certified Personal Trainer, and holds numerous certificates and qualifications in areas of personal wellness and training. Aaron will motivate you to new levels of greatness with his endless energy. Aaron is passionate about health and wellness in everyday life.

He is the epitome of practicing what he teaches. Aaron has recently completed his first IronMan in 2017 and has more scheduled in 2018. He is passionate about his wife and dogs along with his active, healthy lifestyle. You may see him out running with his dogs or riding his bike on any given day.

Christian Stansel

Christian holds certifications in various fitness modules but is most passionate about Barre. She has been teaching Barre classes for 5 years and appreciates that it is a workout that can accommodate any fitness level. Her workouts will push you to find your inner strength and mental determination, test your limits and challenge you to focus on the mind-body connection. Let's meet at the barre to work hard, have fun and get results!

Gina Grout

Gina played Division 1 volleyball at Xavier and has four children. She was introduced to Pilates Reformer to help with her low back pain. She like many women suffered from tight muscles and weak abdominals. She practiced through all her pregnancies and feels that Pilates is the best full body workout that strengthens and elongates the body. She has practiced Pilates Reformer for 10 years and just completed her Balanced Body Reformer 1 and Reformer 2 Training.

Bonnie Moore

Bonnie's Pilates reformer career started seven years ago when she incurred an injury and was referred to a studio to continue her rehab. She was hooked from the first time she took a class. She obtained her certification two years ago and has continued her love affair with Pilates reformer. She was a dance teacher as well as an instructor with Jazzercise for many years. Exercise has always been an important part of her lifestyle. She hopes to have many more years of teaching ahead of her!

Brooke Miller

Brooke started teaching in the fitness industry in 2016. With a degree in Music Education from Northern Kentucky University, she enjoys teaching others about things she is passionate about. Brooke first started doing Barre during her college years as a stress reliever and a fun, different way of working out. She fell in love with the first class she took and the upbeat, fun environment of a Barre class – she’s been hooked ever since!

She loved the way it made her body feel as a complete, full body workout (working muscles she didn’t even know she had!) and was amazed at the quick, amazing results she saw within herself, both body and mind. She hopes to share her love of Barre with all of her students and help them see that a workout with amazing results can also be something that you look forward to every day.

Alisa Slovenski

Alisa started taking Pilates classes three years ago and fell in love! Although she was never a fitness person, there was something about Pilates that just captured her interest and has kept her coming back for more. Alisa is a high school teacher by degree, but has spent the last 18 years as a stay-at-home mom with her daughter, Megan. Now that Megan is preparing to leave for college, Alisa has the time to rediscover her passion for teaching and began Balanced Body training this winter, completing Reformer 1, 2, and 3.

She also recently beat breast cancer and is certain that Pilates played a large role in her recovery, both by being fit before her diagnosis and rehabilitating her mind and body after surgery. She cannot wait to share her love of Pilates with our PBB clients and she’s looking forward to helping them to reap the physical and emotional benefits of this amazing discipline.

Dee Reusch

Growing up in Northern Kentucky, Dee studied all genres of dance​. ​After graduating high school, she attended Western Kentucky University as a dance major and finished her college career with a BFA in English and Dance from Northern Kentucky University. ​During her college years, Dee began teaching ​group fitness classes, such as cardio, lifting, stretching & strengthen, barre, & yoga. She discovered that she not only has a love of ​dance, but a true passion for teaching ​others & sharing a lifestyle of wellness.

Kate McKenzie

Kate is an RYT 200 yoga instructor, also a certified diabetes educator, with a degree in both dietetics & nursing. For Kate, yoga is about finding balance & inner peace to connect with her authentic self. She studied yoga & completed a 9 month training at It’s Yoga Cincinnati in 2015. Since then she has taught yoga in the Cincinnati area & occasionally, out of the country at resort locations. She continues her personal practice in order to explore her own strength & stay grounded. The reason Kate teaches is to share with students the health benefits that yoga can provide to body and mind. She truly hopes to guide students through a practice that allows for an exploration within, to ultimately achieve their own sense of awareness, strength, & stillness; something transformational that they can take with them from their mats to their daily lives.

“In 10 sessions you’ll feel a difference. In 20 sessions you’ll see a difference and in 30 sessions you’ll have a whole new body”

Joseph Pilates